Welcome to the m-phorum home page.

On this page you will find more info about the m-phorum project, contributors, etc.

What is m-phorum you might ask. Well, it's a simple & fast php forum. Written in PHP with a MySQL backend.

m-phorum v0.3 is under development right now.
Malenki and NimaDeus are working on fixing a few bugs, found in v0.2.

As you can see in the CHANGELOG, a few bugs have been fixed already.
Still, lots of stuff have to be adapted, fixed, added, ...

If you are a php developper, webdesigner, or you know someone who might help, feel free to contact me on malenki@users.sourceforge.net.

For latest news, requests, or just general info, please visit our working m-phorum.

The list of contributors has been moved to the CHANGELOG

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